Your Pharmacist
Your Partner in Health

Now more than ever, New Brunswick pharmacists can help make sure you’re as healthy as you can be.

Canada’s most trusted health care professionals, pharmacists are the medication experts. Highly trained, pharmacists have the most in-depth knowledge of drug therapies compared to all other healthcare professionals.

But New Brunswick pharmacists do so much more than just advise patients on their medications. Whether they are administering your flu shot or helping you stop smoking, they are accessible and vital front-line health care providers who are available to take care of you on evenings, weekends and on holidays without an appointment.



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Your Pharmacist Can...

Prescribe and Adapt Medications

  • Replace, extend and renew some existing prescriptions
  • Issue a new prescription for pre-existing conditions in an emergency situation
  • Alter prescriptions to accommodate special needs
  • Change the drug dosage/formulation
  • Make therapeutic substitutions
  • Establish collaborative practises with physicians
Prescribe and Adapt Medications

Give Flu Shots

Your New Brunswick pharmacist - who is available weekends and evenings without an appointment – can give you your flu shot or other injections.

Most New Brunswick pharmacies provide injections such as flu shots, shingles vaccines, travel vaccines and birth control.

Find the nearest flu clinic here.

Give Flu Shots

Help You Stop Smoking

Your New Brunswick pharmacist can help you develop an individualized plan to stop smoking.

Your local pharmacist can provide advice and counselling about:

  • Smoking cessation medications (both prescription and over the counter)
  • How to manage nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • How to handle relapses
  • How to find other support networks and resources to help you quit
Help You Stop Smoking

Review Your Medications

Your New Brunswick pharmacist can conduct regular medication reviews to help prevent many adverse reactions and hospitalizations.

Your pharmacist will review each medication you are taking  to ensure you are taking it properly and to make sure none of the prescriptions interact with each other, or with over-the-counter products, natural health products or with food.

Review Your Medications

Perform Health Checks

Your New Brunswick pharmacist can also help you monitor a variety of conditions by performing health checks for conditions ranging from diabetes, asthma, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Ask your local pharmacist for details.

Perform Health Checks

Assess and Treat Minor Ailments

Got a minor health condition that needs attention from a healthcare professional?

Why wait at an emergency room or after-hours clinic when your pharmacist may be able to help?

New Brunswick pharmacist can assess, treat and if necessary, prescribe for certain minor ailments like cold sores, uncomplicated urinary tract infections and allergies.

Just ask your pharmacist for details.

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Assess and Treat Minor Ailments

Fund the Treatment of UTIs at Pharmacies

This will help take pressure off our crowded ERs. It's one of the suggestions pharmacists have been making to the NB government for years. All that's needed is a government that will listen and take action.

Funding Pharmacy Services Will Help Patients 

Why isn’t our government making it easier for patients to access some healthcare services from their community pharmacist? It would mean faster treatment. And a better use of healthcare resources. Rethink Pharmacists.

NB Needs a Medication Waste Program

New Brunswick is one of the few provinces in Canada that does not have a province-wide environmental stewardship program to manage medication waste and used sharps. Nova Scotia’s medication waste program sees drug manufacturers take responsibility for their products from cradle to grave. We could do that here in New Brunswick too.

Your Hospital Pharmacist. Here to Help.

You know you can count on your community pharmacist to help with your medications and other healthcare needs. But did you know that when you are in hospital or an emergency room, you have another pharmacy team ready to help you? You benefit from having a hospital pharmacist on your team.

Ask Your Pharmacist
Ask Your Pharmacist

Sussex pharmacist Kevin Duplisea dispenses information and advice on a wide range of pharmacy questions in a regular column published in several papers. If you have a question you’d like to see answered in his column, you can send it to him at

Minor Ailment Assessments
Minor Ailment Assessments

New legislation will allow New Brunswick pharmacists to treat and prescribe medications for certain common minor conditions such as diaper rashes, cold sores and heartburn.