Your Pharmacist Can...

Review Your Medications
Review Your Medications

Your New Brunswick pharmacist can conduct regular medication reviews to help prevent many adverse reactions and hospitalizations.

Your pharmacist will review each medication you are taking  to ensure you are taking it properly and to make sure none of the prescriptions interact with each other, or with over-the-counter products, natural health products or with food.

Adverse drug reactions are the number one reason for the hospitalization of seniors in New Brunswick. Almost two-thirds of seniors use five or more classes of prescription drugs for multiple chronic conditions.

A medication review takes between 20-30 minutes. Your pharmacist will also check for drug duplication, ensure that medications and diseases correspond, offer advice to better manage multiple medications and demonstrate how to take certain medications like inhalers.

You will leave with a complete, accurate, up-to-date personal medication record. Your pharmacist will also continue to collaborate and communicate with your family physician as well, if there are any medication changes that should be considered.

Annual medication reviews are publicly funded under the PharmaCheck™ or seniors covered under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program who take three or more prescriptions for chronic conditions.

Ask your pharmacist for details.