Your Pharmacist Can...

Prescribe and Adapt Medications
Prescribe and Adapt Medications
  • Replace, extend and renew some existing prescriptions
  • Issue a new prescription for pre-existing conditions in an emergency situation
  • Alter prescriptions to accommodate special needs
  • Change the drug dosage/formulation
  • Make therapeutic substitutions
  • Establish collaborative practises with physicians

New Brunswick pharmacists currently make roughly 20,000 prescription adaptations per month, saving unnecessary trips to ERs or after-hours clinics. Your pharmacist will work closely with your doctor to ensure your records are complete and will recommend that you follow up with your doctor.

Most provincial governments have approved pharmacist prescribing with varying scopes of authority, a service that complements the care provided by a doctor and can result in more convenient refills, less time spent dealing with prescription changes and collaborative medication management.

Ask your pharmacist for details.