You and Your Pharmacist

Medication and Sharps Disposal

DO NOT flush or throw out your medications or flush them down the toilet.

Unused or expired medications that are improperly disposed of can enter water sources and other areas of the environment. Unwanted medications stored in the home may also lead to unintentional poisonings and /or access to medications which may result in addiction or overdoses.

New Brunswick does not have a province-wide medication disposal program, but patients can bring their unused medications and/or used sharps to their local pharmacy for proper disposal. Pharmacies offer this service voluntarily and bear the cost for collection, storage and disposal.

The New Brunswick Pharmacists' Association recently sponsored a community initiative in Saint John where police and health officials collected at least 20,000 pills in an effort to get potentially harmful drugs off the streets. Pharmaceuticals are also defined as hazardous household waste and may be accepted at New Brunswick solid waste commissions subject to tipping fees.

Many other jurisdictions have province-wide medication disposal programs. New Brunswick has investigated that option.

Read our 2017 Medication Waste and Sharps Stewardship Proposal.