You and Your Pharmacist

New Brunswick Pharmacists Can Do More Than You Think

Canada’s most trusted health care professional, pharmacists are the medication experts. They have the most in-depth knowledge of drug therapies compared to all other healthcare professionals.

But your New Brunswick pharmacist also provides a wide range of vital, front-line health care services that are crucial to helping you maintain your health and crucial to the health care system. Pharmacists are one of the most accessible, front-line health care providers. They are available during evenings, weekends and on holidays.

Your New Brunswick pharmacist delivers a wide range of services:

  • Prescribe and adapt medications
  • Vaccinate for flu, COVID-19, pneumonia, and shingles, among others
  • Review medications
  • Help patients stop smoking
  • Assess, treat and prescribe for certain minor ailments
  • Provide device training for tools like blood pressure kits, puffers and blood sugar testing
  • Provide hospitals with medical summaries for newly admitted patients.
  • Perform medication reconciliations for patients discharged from hospital
  • Advise patients by phone and in person on health issues
  • Advise on cough syrup, vitamins and over-the-counter medications
  • Distribute sharps containers for diabetic patients’ needles
  • Collect and properly disposes of unwanted and expired medications
  • Deliver to seniors and individuals who are unable to come to the pharmacy
  • Call doctors’ offices for prescriptions errors, possible drug interactions and drug duplications
  • Help special care homes manage their medications
  • Provide compliance pack medications to help patients manage their medications