NBPA Annual General Meeting 2021

The NBPA will host its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, June 6 at 7:00 p.m.

This will be a virtual meeting using Go To Meeting. More details will follow.

Audited Financial Statements December 31, 2020


Call for nominations to NBPA Board of Directors - Nomination Form - Deadline is April 16, 2021

District I - the counties of Albert, Kent and Westmorland shall elect one Director - Andrew Drover is moving to President

District II -the counties of Charlotte, Kings and Saint John which shall elect one Director - Theresa Gatien, incumbent

District III -the counties of Queens, Sunbury and York which shall elect one Director - Ryan Quinn, incumbent

District IV -the counties of Carleton, Madawaska and Victoria which shall elect one Director.- Mitch MacAdam, incumbent

District V -the counties of Gloucester, Northumberland and Restigouche which shall elect one Director. - Kevin Haché, incumbent