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Election Priorities: Prescription for Progress
Friday, June 01, 2018

The New Brunswick Pharmacists Association has unveiled a multi-point strategy to improve healthcare in New Brunswick by enabling pharmacists to practice to their fullest extent. The NBPA has entitled this strategy “Prescription for Progress – Election 2018 Policy Recommendations” which features a wide range of recommendations, chief among them the following:

  1. Work to implement ‘Advanced Prescribing Authority’ for pharmacists similar to Alberta’s
  2. Implement a Pharmaceutical Opinion Program similar to Ontario’s
  3. Fund treatment of assessment for UTI’s by pharmacists
  4. Support the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation’s research proposal for dispensing of cannabis for medical purposes through community pharmacies
  5. Expand the role of pharmacists in administration of publicly funded vaccines (Pneumovax, Measles Mumps Rubella, Pertussis etc).
  6. Implement Pharmacist Care Plan for Management of Hypertension similar to Alberta’s

Recent legislation under Elections NB requires that political parties provide cost estimates for each of their platform commitments. As a result, the Prescription for Progress document has developed cost-benefit where possible. The NBPA believes that these initiatives will require a collaborative approach between pharmacists, government officials, the public, and other health stakeholders, all of which should be enabled through the following the reinstatement of the Pharmacy Affairs Working Group (page 38) and the renewal of the agreement with the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association which has expired since March 2015.

This announcement coincides with the Canadian Pharmacy Conference which is being co-hosted this week in Fredericton by the New Brunswick Pharmacists Association and the Canadian Pharmacists’ Association These recommendations are being shared with political parties, and will be the focus of our social media campaign throughout the coming months.

Pharmacists are the most accessible health professionals. A recent Abacus Data survey confirmed that 56% of New Brunswickers are in their community pharmacy at least once per month. Our members and their patients are eager to hear the response from political parties to these recommendations.


Paul Blanchard

Executive Director, New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association

(506) 459-6008 or

Pharmacy pilot offers access to primary health care