Avoid Potentially Harmful Combinations

All it takes is one grapefruit to cause a potentially life- threatening reaction to some prescription medications.

Many common over-the-counter medications, healthy foods, vitamins and even everyday spices can cause serious reactions when combined with certain prescription drugs.

There are an estimated 6,500 kinds of prescription drugs in New Brunswick, 3,500 over-the-counter medications and at least 4,000 vitamins and natural products.

Your New Brunswick pharmacist has the training and knowledge to help ensure you avoid certain combinations that may have serious implications for your health.

Find out about the most common interactions here. 

Medication Reviews

For a more detailed review of your current medications, ask your local pharmacist for a medication review.

Annual medication reviews are publicly funded under the PharmaCheck™ program for seniors covered under the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program who take three or more prescriptions for chronic conditions.